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Plymouth Leander Summer Meet, 11-13 July 2014

The Plymouth Leander long course summer meet, marking the end of the racing season for non-national qualifiers, saw Exeter swimmers winning in all strokes and age groups: they made the return journey up the A38 with 25 gold medals between them, and an even bigger haul of silvers and bronzes. Well done to our swimmers: we won the prize for top visiting club!

Lily won medals in 800m free and 200m back
Aliyah laden with medals
Not for the first time this season, Aliyah-Mai Webb (13) led the way, coming first in 800m free, 200m fly, 200m back, 200m breast, and 400m IM, with silvers in 200m IM, 100m breast and 100m fly. Katie Townsend (14), wasn't far behind, dominating her age group with golds in all three backstroke races (50m, 100m, 200m) as well as gold in 100m free and silver in 50m free, 200m free and 50m fly, and bronze in 200m IM. Rebecca Gibbins (12) picked up gold in 100m free, silvers in 200m, 400m and 800m free, and bronze in 200m fly. Tea Jones (12) struck gold in 50m breast, with supporting bronzes in 100m breast and 100m back. Jolie Sellek (9) made her mark on behalf of the club's younger swimmers with gold in 50m fly; while in the 11-year old category Olivia Passmore and Milly Kendall took two golds each, Olivia in 200m back and 400m IM (with silvers in 800m free and 50m breast, and bronze in 100m back), and Milly in 50m and 100m free (with silver in 200m fly and bronze in 800m free).  
Milly sprints to gold
Olivia with a sample of medals --- one of each colour
Among the girls, silvers also went to: Amy Linnington (14) in 400m and 800m free; Anna Czipri (9) in 50m fly, 50m and 100m back, and 200m IM; and Olivia Burrow (12) in 50m back. There were bronzes for: Lily Collins-Board (14) in 800m free and 200m back; Rhiannon Loveman (15+) in 200m free, and 100m and 200m back; Sammy Gray (15+) in 400m free; Olivia Burrow in 400 IM and 200m back; Alisha Singleton (13) in 400m IM; Grace James (11) in 50m fly; Anna Czipri in 200m back and 50m free; and Amelia Ashelford (10) in 200m back.
Jack won two golds, a silver and a bronze
The boys also rose to the challenge, and took their share of medals for the club. Jack Pearson (15+) 
came first in 400m IM and 200m back, with silver in 400m and bronze in 200m free. Alec White (12) claimed three golds --- in 100m back, 200m breast and 200m IM --- and he added to his total with silver in 100m fly and bronze in  100m free. Charlie Kendall (14) won in his first ever competitive 1500m free, and came second over 400m free. Matt Ramsay (13) took gold in 200m fly and 200m IM, with bronzes for good measure in 100m and 200m back and 100m free. Tim Western (12) won 100m breast, with silvers in 200m back and 50m breast, and bronze in 200m breast. 

Silver medals went to: Adam Edwards (14) in 400m IM; Liam Jordan (9) in 50m and 200m breast; Elliot Svensson (11) in 200m breast; Guy Wilson (10) in 400m free and 200m IM; and Liam White (15+) in 50m free. There were bronzes for: Guy Wilson in 200m free and Liam White in 200m fly.

Full results are available here. 

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